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 #remember when sookie was played by a fat actress and there were literally no jokes about her weight on the show? #remember how she wasn’t defined by her weight? #remember how she got to date and get married and have kids and not be just the token funny fat friend of the main character? #remember when she ~got her life together and was happy before lorelai and that wasn’t seen as threatening?

remember how her insecurities (which she did have, because doesn’t everyone?) had nothing to do with her appearance and were more about her artistic failures, her ability to be a mom, her “annoying quirks” she thought Jackson would get tired of?

remember how even though she was often clumsy forgetful and disorganized she was still portrayed as a competent adult? remember how her decision to get married and have kids didn’t diminish her career as a master chef and entrepreneur? remember how she was a bubbly and funny supporting character without being shallow or unintelligent?

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tiny gay Laura cannot choose between tall gay Danny or broody gay Carmilla. Neither can I dear, neither can I.


tiny gay Laura cannot choose between tall gay Danny or broody gay Carmilla. Neither can I dear, neither can I.

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"Logan loves Veronica. He understands her. They’ve both been through tremendous family struggles. And I think they both - even without speaking - understand each other. I think that [is what] the audience connects to, when they just look at each other, it’s just like, ‘I get you.' That's what's so beautiful about that relationship.” — Jason Dohring [x]
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I Ship It | a short film by Yulin Kuang

After a bad breakup, Zoe Smallman decides to take down her ex-boyfriend in a wizard rock battle of the bands with help from her best friend, Charlie.

Written & Directed by Yulin Kuang

Mary Kate Wiles as Zoe
Sean Persaud as Charlie
Joey Richter as Peter
Jenna C. Johnson as Macy
Irene Choi as Sofia

Featuring original Wizard Rock songs by Kirstyn Hippe

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And just one mistake
Is all it will take
We’ll go down in history
Remember me for centuries

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